Brand New 5.5 Ton Kivnon Two-Way AGV/AMR Mouse

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Product Description

Introducing K11 Two-Way, the future of automation and mobile robotics, brought to you by Kivnon, a market leader in Industry 4.0. Their K11 Two-Way is designed to transform your workspace into a highly efficient, automated environment. This mobile robot is capable of bidirectional movement and has a towing capacity of up to 5,000 kg on a wheeled trolley. It provides precise stops with full accuracy, maximizing efficiency and safety. With dimensions up to 2,010 x 500 x 280 mm, it perfectly fits into any industrial setting.

The K11 Two-Way uses either magnetic or mapping navigation based on advanced SLAM technology, offering flexible and free circulation without the need for guidance elements on the floor. It also integrates seamlessly with fleet management systems, including those based on the VDA 5050 standard, and can connect to superior systems like SAP or other ERP systems.

Its key features include an AGM or lithium battery that supports online charging in integrated circuits, two laser scanners, an ultrasound sensor, and a safety PLC for robust safety measures. A status display on each front side provides real-time information about status, errors, and circuit control. Experience efficiency like never before with the K11 Two-Way. It can perform cyclical or conditional circuits and interact with other AGVs/AMRs, machines, systems, and even people, providing a level of versatility that is unmatched in the industry. With our proprietary Kivnon tools, including the FlexTag App, FlexMap Software, and Smartpad App, operation and maintenance become effortless.  It feaures:

  • Adaptable to connect to fleet management systems, including VDA 5050 standard
  • Can connect to superior systems like SAP or other ERP systems
  • Exchangeable and supports online charging in integrated circuit
  • Status, error, and circuit control display on each front side
  • Capable of performing cyclical or conditional circuits


  • Towing Capacity:   11,023 Lbs
  • Drag Force:   2000 N
  • Driving Direction:   Bidirectional
  • Type:   Undercarriage
  • Turning Radius Minimum:   33.5"
  • Maximum Speed:   1.7 mph
  • Minimum Speed:   0.2 mph
  • Battery:   1 Lithium Battery of 12V and 40Ah
  • Route Guidance:   Magnetic Tape
  • Safety Sensors:   Frontal Laser Scanner (SICK/OMRON)
  • Operational Panel:   2 each Frontal Panel with Display and 2 each E-Stops
  • Communication:   RF Modem
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):   68.1"x19.7"x11"
  • Weight:   1,378 Lbs.

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