The Omni Ai Robot's model VNP12 autonomous counterbalanced forklift can cooperate with the central control and schedule system to respond to system requirements promptly under complex environments, thus to achieve optimal path planning; In the multi-batch material transfer process, the maximum running speed of the full load is 1.3m/s, with no need for manual guards throughout the process, having realizing materials being loaded and unloaded in time.

Stamping press unloading areas - robot feeding point: In this scenario, there are 4 stamping presses in total on the project site, each stamping press is planned to have 1 unloading area, the sheet metal plate is placed on the work table, and the VNP12 autonomous forklift is dispatched by the central control. The system accepts the demand, and picks up the full pallet from the designated punch unloading area and transports it to the robot loading point;

Robot loading point - robot unloading point: when the robot loading point is in a vacancy , the VNP12 autonomous counterbalanced forklift accepts the deployment from the system, Empty pallets are forked from the loading point and transported to the robot unloading point;

Robot unloading point—finished product buffer area: After the robot unloading is completed, the VNP12 autonomous counterbalanced forklift accepts deployment to pick up the full pallet from the unloading point station and transport it to the finished product buffer area;

Sheet metal batching areas - rack buffer area: The sheet metal receiving area concludes with 1 finished product buffer area, 1 sheet metal batching area, and 1 empty rack buffer area. When the sheet metal truck in the batching area is full, the model VNP12 will receive the demand to pick up the full sheet metal truck from the batching area and transport it to the racking buffer area;

Rack buffer area - empty rack buffer area: when the full-loaded sheet metal truck is in a vacancy, the model VNP12 will pick up the empty rack and transports it to the empty rack buffer area and return to the standby point after completing the task.