We provide automated solutions for warehousing that improve efficiency and accuracy, reduce operating costs and improve your bottom line.


Solutions Section:


Automated solutions for warehousing:
Warehouse Automation Systems: Omni Ai Robot's warehouse automation system increases operational efficiency by using autonomous vehicles, self-driving carts, robotic arms and other intelligent machines to work at a faster pace than humans.


Intralogistic Solutions:

With a wide range of automation solutions available, Omni Ai Robot can help you increase productivity and reduce labor costs. Omni Ai Robot can provide a complete solution or simply automate some processes to make your current operation more efficient.


Supporting Industries:


Omni Ai Robot designs, manufactures and sells self-driving vehicles to automobile manufacturers and tire manufacturers as well as providing logistics services to 3PL's in the auto industry. We also have experience in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals e-commerce and transportation.